How To Connect PS5 To Laptop – A Quick Setup Guide

How To Connect PS5 To Laptop

Sony’s PS5 has been the talk of the gaming world, offering enhanced graphics, faster load times, and an immersive gaming experience. Connecting a PS5 to your laptop can be an exciting way to enhance your gaming experience, utilizing the laptop as either a secondary display or for streaming purposes.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to connect your PS5 to a laptop, using an HDMI capture card, Remote Play, or utilizing the PS5’s built-in streaming capabilities. It’s crucial to note that while the procedures may seem complicated at first glance, they can be executed easily once you’re familiar with the process. So, let’s get started!

How to Connect PS5 to Laptop: 3 Methods

This guide will walk you through three effective methods: utilizing an HDMI capture card, harnessing the power of remote play, and leveraging the built-in streaming capabilities. Each approach offers a unique solution tailored to your gaming preferences.

HDMI Capture Card

The HDMI capture card is a useful device that allows your laptop to accept video signal input from other sources, like a PS5. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Purchase an HDMI Capture Card: You can find a variety of HDMI capture cards online or in electronics stores. Ensure it’s capable of supporting 4K resolutions, especially if you’re planning to play PS5 games.
  2. Connect the HDMI Capture Card to Your Laptop: Most HDMI capture cards connect to your laptop via a USB port. Plug the capture card into your laptop.
  3. Connect the PS5 to the HDMI Capture Card: Plug an HDMI cable into your PS5’s HDMI port. Connect the other end to the HDMI input port on the capture card.
  4. Set Up Video Capture Software: Download and install video capture software on your laptop. There are many free and paid software options available such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit. Follow the software’s setup instructions to recognize the HDMI capture card as a video source.
  5. Adjust the PS5 Video Output: On your PS5, go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output, and set the resolution that matches your HDMI capture card and laptop screen.
  6. Start Capturing/Streaming: Open the video capture software on your laptop, and you should be able to see your PS5 screen. You can then start capturing or streaming your gameplay.

Remote Play

Remote Play is a feature provided by Sony that allows you to stream your PS5’s screen onto other devices, including laptops. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Download the PS Remote Play App: Visit the PlayStation website on your laptop, download the PS Remote Play app, and install it.
  2. Enable Remote Play on Your PS5: Go to Settings > System > Remote Play on your PS5 and enable the ‘Enable Remote Play option.
  3. Connect Your PS5 Controller to Your Laptop: Connect your PS5 controller to your laptop using a USB cable or by Bluetooth. If you’re using Bluetooth, hold the PS and Share buttons on your controller until the light bar starts to blink. Then, on your laptop, add a Bluetooth device and select the wireless controller.
  4. Launch Remote Play on Your Laptop: Open the PS Remote Play app on your laptop, sign in to your PlayStation account, and select the PS5 option. The app will then search for your PS5 and connect to it.
  5. Start Playing: Once connected, your PS5 screen should appear on your laptop, and you can start playing your favorite games.

Built-In Streaming Capabilities

The PS5 comes with built-in live-streaming features that allow you to broadcast your gameplay on various streaming platforms. You can view this broadcast on any device, including your laptop, by logging into your streaming platform account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Set Up Your Streaming Account: Sign up for a streaming account on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Link Your Streaming Account to Your PS5: On your PS5, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Link with Other Services. Choose your streaming service and sign in with your account details.
  3. Start Broadcasting: Start a game on your PS5. Press the Create button on your controller, then select Broadcast > Broadcast Gameplay. Choose your streaming platform and configure your stream settings as you prefer.
  4. Watch the Stream on Your Laptop: On your laptop, go to the website of your streaming platform and sign in. Find your live stream and start watching your gameplay.

How To Control PS5 Using A Laptop Keyboard And Mouse

Controlling a PlayStation 5 (PS5) with a laptop’s keyboard and mouse is not directly supported by Sony, however, it can be achieved through third-party applications and methods such as game streaming or Remote Play. Remote Play is a feature offered by Sony that allows you to stream your PS5 games to your laptop, and then use your laptop’s input devices to control the game.

First, ensure your PS5 and your laptop are on the same network. Download and install the PS Remote Play application on your laptop. Launch the application and sign in to your PlayStation account. From there, you can connect to your PS5. At this point, your laptop’s keyboard and mouse will act as the PS5’s input devices.

Keep in mind that there may be a slight input lag depending on your network speed. Furthermore, not all games are optimized for keyboard and mouse input, so your experience may vary. For games that require precise input, or if the above solution doesn’t meet your needs, you might consider hardware solutions such as a keyboard and mouse adapter for PS5, but note that these are typically third-party devices and not officially supported by Sony.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I use my laptop as a monitor for my PS5?

Yes, you can use your laptop as a monitor for your PS5. However, this requires a video capture card that can translate the HDMI output of the PS5 into a USB input for the laptop. By connecting the PS5 to the video capture card, you can then use the software on your laptop to display and capture the gameplay from the console.

What is PS Remote Play and how can it help me connect my PS5 to my laptop?

PS Remote Play is a feature that allows you to stream your PS5 games on other devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and other consoles. With PS Remote Play, you can connect your PS5 to your laptop wirelessly over the same Wi-Fi network. This convenient technology enables you to play your favorite PS5 games on your laptop’s screen, using the laptop as a display while utilizing the PS5 controller as the input device. You will need a stable and high-speed internet connection for a smooth gaming experience.

Is there any software needed to connect my PS5 to my laptop?

If you’re using a video capture card to connect your PS5 to your laptop, you will need to download and install the software that comes with the capture card. This software allows you to view and capture the PS5’s video output on your laptop. Video capture cards often come with their own proprietary software, which may offer features like adjusting video settings, recording gameplay, or live streaming.

Will connecting my PS5 to my laptop affect the gaming performance?

If you connect your PS5 to your laptop using PS Remote Play or a video capture card, the impact on gaming performance will largely depend on the strength and stability of your internet connection or the quality of the capture card. With PS Remote Play, your gameplay is being streamed from the PS5 to your laptop over the internet, so a fast and stable internet connection is crucial to minimize lag and maintain a smooth experience. On the other hand, using a video capture card to display your PS5’s output on your laptop involves encoding and decoding processes, which may introduce some latency depending on the quality and capabilities of the capture card.

Can I still use my PS5 controller when I connect my PS5 to my laptop?

Yes, you can use your PS5 DualSense controller as usual when you connect your PS5 to your laptop. For PS Remote Play, you’ll need to connect your controller to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth. The laptop serves as a display and input receiver, enabling you to see the PS5 interface and gameplay on your laptop screen while using the PS5 controller to navigate and play games. It essentially acts as a wireless controller extension for your laptop screen.

Can I use any HDMI cable to connect my PS5 to my laptop?

To connect your PS5 to your laptop, you’ll require an HDMI cable to link the console to a video capture card on your laptop. While any HDMI cable will establish a basic connection, for optimal performance and to take full advantage of the PS5’s capabilities, it is recommended to use an HDMI 2.1 cable. This newer standard supports higher resolutions, refresh rates, and other advanced features that enhance your gaming experience.


Connecting a PS5 to a laptop can greatly enhance your gaming experience, whether you’re a streamer, a gamer wanting to play on a different screen, or just someone looking to capture exciting gameplay moments. However, it’s essential to pay close attention to the compatibility of the devices and carefully follow the instructions provided to avoid any potential issues.

It’s important to note that the quality of your gaming experience will depend on the specifications of your devices and your internet connection. Therefore, ensure that your internet connection is robust enough to handle the data transfer, as a lagging connection could seriously dampen your gaming experience.

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